All About Nicole

How I found my life's calling before age 30.

I can definitely say that I didn't discover my true life's calling that I am meant to help people at a young age. I have always been a people person, and throughout school all my teacher's biggest complaints were that I talked too much. In high school I even won the Biggest Gossip Award, not because I spread rumours, but the fact that EVERYONE seemed to always confined in my, tell me their issues and ask for my opinions.
I first left high school and enrolled at Brock University in their Concurrent Education program, since Elementary School I always said I wanted to become a teacher, I loved helping others and teaching them new things to make a difference in their lives. After starting school, with the school curriculum program changing I found it wasn't my true calling and I didn't feel aligned with being a Teacher anymore.
That's when I took half a year off and finally decided on enrolling in an
Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma at Sir Sandford Fleming. I find the human body so fascinating; the things we are capable of, it's ability to heal and grow, and the still vast of the unknown of what it is capable of. Massage Therapy was my calling, being able to help people feel better, fix and ease chronic pain, lower their stress and get them back to functioning is something I take great pride in.

In College I started to develop anxiety. I was commuting from Ajax to Peterborough 5 days a week, working a part time job and studying, all while undergoing a very stressful time in my family. I ignored the signs of my anxiety and panic attack as I felt like I could control it myself. When I finished school and started working as a Registered Massage Therapist, the panic attacks were less and I wasn't as anxious on a daily basis anymore. I was first exposed to life coaching in 2018, and that was when I completed my first course with a life coach and I realize how much work I had to do in healing from my past and healing certain relationships in my life.

As a Massage Therapist people can really open up to me on the table. Clients are in such a vulnerable state during treatment that when a client feels comfortable enough they will vent some of their daily life stresses in. Over the past two years I started to really love this aspect of my job more and more. The mind and body are completely connected. For example, when a client to release some of their emotional stresses during a treatment, it helps me to release the tension in the muscles much more effectively. This was when I really started looking into Life Coaching in addition to my career. 

2019 was an emotional roller coaster. I moved into my Fiancée's families house, we got engaged and started saving for a house and a wedding ... so many exciting events and then the worst day of my life happened. My Dad passed away in a matter of a week and I felt like I lost all control of my life. My anxiety came flooding back, grief became over whelming and thus sparked the start of my self care and discovery journey. I began therapy and work with a Life Coach; these ladies changed my life more then they will ever know. Life is too short and with everything that happened I felt aligned and enrolled in The Health Coach Institute Program to become a Certified Life & Health Coach

I am meant to be here to help people heal and better their lives both physically and mentally. I am so glad you have chosen me to be apart of your journey! :)

- Nicole xo

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